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Quick Start Guide – Update License and Add Users

Check for AnalyticsGate Management Console

  • Check if the AnalyticsGate Management Console is installed
  • This is a mashup that can be found under this https://<YOUR-SERVER>/extensions/ser-web-management/index.html
  • If the mashup is not installed, you can download it by clicking this link
  • After the download has finished you have to import the .zip file to the Qlik Sense Management Console in the category “Extensions”

Update the License

  • In the AnalyticsGate Management Console (https://<YOUR-SERVER>/extensions/ser-web-management/index.html) navigate to the category “License Management” and click on “Edit License”
  • You have to replace the first lines up to “Excel_Name” with the new AnalyticsGate license
  • Click “Apply” and "Save License" to make the changes persistent

Add a User

  • You can add new users using the “Add” button if needed
  • The format of the entry must be the following: <User Directory>\<User ID>
  • “Activated From” and “Activated Until” are both optional fields and can be left blank