FAQ about AnalyticsGate

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What is AnalyticsGate?

AnalyticsGate is a powerful business intelligence solution that enables organizations to make data-driven decisions. With AnalyticsGate, users can import data from multiple sources, analyze it, and create insightful reports and dashboards to uncover crucial information and trends.

Is AnalyticsGate suitable for my business?

AnalyticsGate is suitable for companies and organizations of any size that want to optimize their business processes through data-driven decision-making. It is designed for business analysts, data analysts, executives, and anyone involved in analyzing and presenting data to make well-informed decisions.

What functions does AnalyticsGate offer?

AnalyticsGate offers a variety of features to effectively analyze and prepare data. These include:

  • Data integration from multiple sources
  • Powerful analysis and visualization tools
  • Creation of custom reports and dashboards
  • In-Depths and filtering options for detailed analysis
  • Automated report generation and distribution
  • Workflow features for working jointly on reports
  • Integration of machine learning algorithms for advanced analytics
  • Customized access control and security features

Can I create custom KPIs and metrics in AnalyticsGate?

Yes, AnalyticsGate allows you to create custom KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and metrics to track the exact performance metrics that are most relevant to your business or organization. You can apply custom calculations, formulas, and aggregation functions to create meaningful KPIs and metrics that meet your specific needs.

What data sources can be integrated into AnalyticsGate?

AnalyticsGate supports the integration of a variety of data sources to enable extensive data analysis. These include:

  • Databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server).
  • Cloud storage platforms (e.g. Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage)
  • CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce, HubSpot)
  • ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics)
  • File formats (e.g. Excel, CSV, JSON, XML)
  • APIs and web services (e.g. REST, SOAP)

How to manage user permissions and authorizations in AnalyticsGate?

In AnalyticsGate, you can manage user rights and roles through a role-based access control system. Administrators can create different roles and give them different permissions to access features, reports, and dashboards. This ensures that everyone can access the relevant information and functions they require for their tasks.

Does AnalyticsGate provide real-time data updates?

AnalyticsGate provides the ability to perform real-time data updates, depending on the data sources used and the technical capabilities. By setting up live data connections, users can automatically update their reports and dashboards with the latest data to always make well-informed decisions.

How can I filter and segment data in AnalyticsGate?

AnalyticsGate provides a variety of ways to filter and segment data to perform targeted analysis. You can apply filtering criteria to individual data fields, reports, or dashboards to display only the relevant information. The segmentation feature allows you to split data by specific criteria, such as geographic region, customer category, or product type, to provide more detailed insights into each area.

What are the system requirements for AnalyticsGate?

AnalyticsGate is developed for Microsoft Excel and Qlik Sense.
Minimum Recommended Qlik Licenses
Qlik Sense Desktop 2018 or
Qlik Sense Dektop current version 23/11/2022
Qlik Sense Analyser
Qlik Sense Server 2018 / November
Qlik Sense current version 23/11/2022
Qlik Sense Professional
Microsoft Excel (Business Editions) 2013 / 32BIT
Microsoft Excel (Business Editions) 365 / 64BIT
Qlik Sense Token