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Business Intelligence: The guide for organizations

Business intelligence has matured into a success factor for organizational activities, regardless of whether the organization is small, medium-sized, or large. Numerous BI tools are deployed at the execuitive level and in areas such as sales, controlling, accounting, and management. They enable effective data management and thus make a significant contribution to decision-making. This allows strategic questions to be answered quickly and responses to environmental influences to be formulated.

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Typical issues in creating and sharing reports following data analysis: An overview of report quality improvement

Analysing data is a powerful tool that helps companies make informed decisions and optimise their strategies. However, the work is not finished once the analysis is concluded. To be fully effective, the insights gained need to be presented clearly and comprehensively. This is where reporting comes into play.

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Data Cleansing: The Comprehensive Overview for Ensuring Data Quality in Companies

In today's data-driven business world, data quality is of crucial importance. One of the key methods for improving data quality is data cleansing. This article provides a comprehensive overview of data cleansing and its significance, as well as typical challenges in the business context and how tools like AnalyticsGate can assist.

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Use Qlik Sense in Excel with AnalyticsGate: Benefits for your business!

Learn how AnalyticsGate, in combination with Qlik Sense, helps organizations of all sizes optimize data-driven decision-making processes. We will explain the benefits and application areas of AnalyticsGate to give you a comprehensive understanding of the power of this solution for Qlik Sense and demonstrate the potential for your business.

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