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Sales and Controlling review the company's current key financial figures

Using Qlik Sense in Excel for Effective Business Operations

By combining the analytical power of Qlik Sense with the accessibility of Excel, businesses can achieve new levels of productivity and insight. An Excel-Qlik integration enables teams to access near real-time data, perform better and faster analysis more easily, and present results in more accessible, actionable reporting.

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Shows the questions: What is data literacy? How do I become data literate? Why is data literacy important?

Data Literacy 101: Definitions, concepts and how to build data literacy

Looking for everything you need to know about data literacy? Well, look no further - this comprehensive guide explains what data literacy is, why it is important, and practical steps you can take to cultivate it in your personal and professional life.

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Symbolic image: spreadsheet on laptop

Simplify Excel reporting in controlling: Explanation and examples

In controlling, Excel is the central and most widely used tool for reporting. Experienced controllers use Excel like a second mother tongue. They use Excel to convert complex amounts of data into clear and concise reports and ensure that the information is presented clearly for all stakeholders in the company.

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Self-Service Business Intelligence: Definition and Overview

Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) is defined as a modern data management strategy for organizations that enables users to independently access, analyze, and transform data into reports without the need for IT department support.

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Current problems with virus scanners!

Faced with challenges when using the AnalyticsGate Excel add-in? Learn more about the current compatibility issues with Sophos and Cortex virus scanners and discover available solutions as well as our efforts to optimise future versions.

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Simplifying Data Management in Businesses

With just a few clicks, every employee can gain deep insight into company data - without the challenges of complex business intelligence tools. The promise: simplified data management for analysing and processing sales figures, customer data or financial metrics. AnalyticsGate is a purpose-built tool that exports data from Qlik Sense to Excel at the touch of a button. It reduces the complexity of Qlik Sense by seamlessly transferring data from the BI tool to the familiar Excel format. This simplification makes data processing accessible to employees at all levels.

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