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Add-In for Excel: Combines the strengths of Microsoft Excel and the advantages of our business intelligence solution Qlik Sense.

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Professional Reporting

AnalyticsGate simplifies the creation of reports by providing a user-friendly and intuitive platform.

Intuitive User Experience

The add-in is user-friendly and requires no prior knowledge of programming or statistical methods.

Advanced Analytics

AnalyticsGate offers a wide range of analysis methods that extend beyond the standard Excel offering and provide a deeper insight into the data.

AnalyticsGate – A Data Analysis Revolution

AnalyticsGate is more than a platform for web analytics. It's a solution that enables you to make informed decisions for your business and realize the full potential of your data. Free yourself from the frustration and uncertainty of outdated reporting tools and move to a new era of data analysis!

Before using AnalyticsGate

  • Frustration and uncertainty due to a lack of reliable metrics across all levels of your organization
  • Multicolored dashboards are no substitute for the clarity and effectiveness of spreadsheet-based calculations
  • Excel exports are a one-way street that impede the full potential of data analysis
  • Manual reporting is tedious and time-consuming

With AnalyticsGate

  • No more frustration! Finally, everyone works with a reliable and unified source of data.
  • Keep the familiar Excel workspace while increasing the effectiveness of your data analysis
  • Analyze, filter and expand your data in new ways that were previously impossible
  • Save time and effort with automated reporting in 14 different formats, allowing you to focus on what matters most: Growing your business.

What is AnalyticsGate?

AnalyticsGate (formerly known as Sense Excel) is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that enables complex data analysis tasks to be performed automatically. The results are then visualized in easy-to-understand tables, charts and graphs.
It includes a variety of advanced analytics features that extend beyond Excel's standard offerings, enabling users to more effectively interpret data and make better decisions.
AnalyticsGate can save you time and resources by letting you merge data from multiple sources and automate your processes. It is simple to use and requires no prior knowledge of programming or statistics.

AnalyticsGate Features

Automated Data Processing

AnalyticsGate can automatically prepare large and confusing quantities of data and convert them into well-organized tables.


The add-in allows you to quickly and easily create visually appealing dashboards that allow you to track essential data at a glance.

Data Compiling

AnalyticsGate enables data from a variety of sources to be compiled and analyzed to gain a deeper understanding of the data.

Automated data processing

AnalyticsGate can automatically prepare large and confusing quantities of data and convert them into well-organized tables.  

Data Display

AnalyticsGate presents data in descriptive charts and graphs that are simple to interpret.


AnalyticsGate integrates with Excel via an add-in, extending the program's functionality with more advanced analytics.

Advanced Analytics

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Advanced Analytics

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